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    Black Lotus Tapestry

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    Add a unique and different vibe to your personal space using our Black Lotus Tapestry! If you love intricate details that still maintain a minimalist and modern style, you'll love this black tapestry in your home. The style spreads over the whole canvas, making it a great accent for blank walls and empty spaces.

    With its high-quality polyester material, this durable woven tapestry is built to last you for years. The premium fabric makes it easier to maintain and clean against dirt, dust, and possible mildew buildup. With just a few folds, you can easily store our Black Lotus Tapestry or bring it anywhere you need to.


    This beautiful tapestry is an excellent investment for multiple uses! Use it as a throw blanket, as a mat for a picnic or beach, as a towel, or as a decorative floor mat. Our Black Lotus Tapestry is not only perfect for decoration but is highly functional as well!

    Black Lotus Tapestry

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